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Cyrogenic Treatment :-

Khosla Engineering Industries is pleased to announce the availability of DEEP CRYOGENIC treatment of knives, blades, and other industrial tools, in our "in house" microprocessor controlled, cryogenic chamber.

During heat treating, steel's micro-structure transforms from austenite to martensite, which makes the steel much more wear resistant. However, some small pockets of austenite may not transform and this does not allow the knives to perform as well as they can. DEEP CRYOGENIC processing helps change retained austenite to martensite, completing the transformation process.

DEEP CRYOGENIC processing is different from conventional cryogenic processing and requires cooling the parts to more than 300? below zero compared to about 120? for conventional cryogenic processing.

DEEP CRYOGENIC processing is a microprocessor controlled dry process, which includes cooling the parts at a programmed rate. Soaking the parts for up to thirty-six hours, and then an additional tempering operation to relieve any stress that may remain.