Our Services
Regrinding Services :-

Khosla Engineering Industries also offers our customers knife/saw regrinding services and also re-tipping services for our Tungsten Carbide Saw customers as well as reconditioning of used machine knives & saws lengthening their service lives as well as bringing down total production costs.

Key Benefits

  1. Accurate regrinding ensures longer service life.
  2. Fast turn-around and precision quality on any type of blade/saw.
  3. Re-Tipping of used T.C.T circular saw blades with original tips ensuring near-new like performance

Services offered :-

Knife Regrinding

We offer accurate, fast & precision quality regrinding of your used knives with some of the most accurate machines available in India. Our tolerances are finer than IS, DIN, ASTM or any other machine standards ensuring higher performance from your used machine knife/saw.

Knife Reconditioning

We also offer Knife/Saw reconditioning services where we analyze the performance, recommend solutions to increase performance as well as recondition the knife/saw at our plant to extend the life of the product.